We offer several legal services related to securities:

Go Public — If you want to find out more practical information on the process of making an Initial Public Offering, we will help you at our Go-Public.info website and you will want to watch our videos here.

Reverse Merger — Reverse mergers are an interesting alternative to making a public offering and we are expert in helping you. Go to our website Reverse-Merger.info to learn more or go to ReverseMergerAttorney.com Our videos also cover many Reverse Merger issues — Go Here for the reverse merger videos. More advanced information is found at this reverse merger blog

Short Sale Defense — Many companies are afflicted with short sellers. We offer ways to fight them off. Get a copy of our book, “How the Shorts Raid Your Stock, Destroy Your Company and What to Do About It.” If people are slandering your pubic company, read “Bash the Stock Bashers!” More on short selling at my blog on predatory short selling.

Rule 144 — Rule 144 is key to financing a public company. We handle complex Rule 144 issues. See our blog here. If your company is not eligible to use Rule 144, find out about our solutions here. My blog on reverse mergers also covers Rule 144 issues related to reverse mergers. 

Advertised Securities Offerings Under Rule 506C — One of the problems with new companies is getting themselves known so they can raise money. The new Rule 506C provides a very interesting solution. Our book on 506C is here.  We have a video on 506C on YouTube.